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It’s time to create your online silent auction group.

Once you’ve set up your organisation in Oktion, it’s time to create your live silent auction. Enter the date your silent auction is held and when you would like the bidding to begin. We suggest you start the online auction bidding before the actual event to drive more donations.

If you have items donated, add these to your online auction group. Let people know who donated, choose your reserve amount and set the bidding increments.

Add any items that have been donated for your silent auction. The pricing of these items is key to your success. Decide how much you hope to raise through the online auction. Use this sum to determine the reserve amount for your items. Remember to set goals that are realistic and attainable. It’s tempting to dream big, but setting goals that are too high can demoralise your team. Oktion is the online silent auction app that allows you to auction with ease.

User’s Guide
Online Silent Auction App
Online Silent Auction App

Manage your entire online auction with Oktion!

After you’ve chosen your reserve amount and set the bid increments, start adding contacts to your guestlist so people can find your auction and start bidding. We’ll send out an automatic notification before the live event so you can generate all the hype and curiosity you would want around your event. Everyone knows when bidding will commence, and they can click the link in the notification to view your beautiful auction catalogue.

Now that your auction is set up and your guests have been invited, let the bidding begin. It’s easy to worry about the details but remember to have a good time and enjoy the event – just like your guests are doing! All of the hard work you’ve put into your fundraising event is about to pay off. Oktion will work hard for you! Contact Oktion to begin.

Oktion is the silent auction app for all organisations and fundraising events

Online Auction

What does Oktion do?

Oktion is a mobile fundraising app that will help organisations raise more revenue and have fun at the same time. Increase donations by letting your guests bid from the convenience of their phone. Oktion works seamlessly with all types of audiences and can be adapted to your settings. It’s a fresh new way to engage your guests and encourage them to bid.


Who is Oktion for?

Oktion is for organisations that want an easier and inexpensive way to raise funds. It’s also for clubs and centres that regularly host charity auctions and events. Start building a relationship with your guests and increase the amount raised for your cause.


Why choose Oktion?

Oktion is a hassle-free, free platform to run your auctions. Only pay minor fees if your items are sold – we only charge a small amount (contact us for more details). We’ll send you automatic notifications to increase your participation. Organisations can even open bidding before the actual auction to allow guests to big longer and raise more funds.

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