Auction Event Marketing

We’ve discussed how you can use social media to market your auction event, but what if your organisation isn’t on social media? Here are some alternatives to auction event marketing.

Mail send outs are a cheap way to get word of your event out to a large number of people. it also gives your invitees a hard copy of your event details. Design an attractive ‘save the date’ card and send it out to your partners, supporters, media and potential guests. You only need to include the key details on your card: the name of your organisation, the date and time, the venue and any other important details (suggested donation, dress code, etc.).

Event websites or landing pages work as an online billboard for your auction event. You can promote your cause and event while also giving your guests something they can reference when they need key details about your event. Your webpage should answer the key questions of who, what, when, where and why.

There are a few reasons why an event website is a great auction event marketing tool. If you’re hosting a physical auction event, you can get your guests to register their attendance through the website. This gives you the ability to track your auction registrants automatically through the website, so you don’t have to do it by hand. You can also post event updates to the website and use it as a central location for event-related content.

Use videos, images and blogs to showcase how important and fun your auction will be. Create engaging content that highlights your cause and event – because just telling people about your auction isn’t enough! Exciting content will show audiences how entertained they will be and will get them motivated to get involved. This can include video interviews with past attendees, slideshow images of your previous auction or an infographic that outlines your cause or charitable organisation.