Holding a Fundraising Auction

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to raise money for your cause? Holding a fundraising auction is an excellent solution. Live silent auctions can help you raise greater funds for your charitable organisation quickly. Not only are they simple and exciting, but they offer a range of benefits to your donors and supporters as well. They’re also great for fundraisers since they can be held right from your mobile device with the Oktion app.

Holding a fundraising auction

Fundraising made easy

Traditionally, putting together a fundraising auction takes months of preparation. Now, thanks to the Oktion app, you can set up and run an online auction within minutes. There’s no need to spread your budget thin by hiring a venue or including catered food. Your auction event will take place right in your guests’ mobile phone. This means more people can attend your auction and be a part of the excitement – and more potential donors and buyers!

Benefit your donors

Small fundraising events, such as school bake sales, usually don’t benefit donors directly as they’re being run with the organiser in mind. However, Oktion app allows your donors to offer services or items for bidding, which in turn provides them with free marketing for their business. This bonus can make it easier to get donated items for your auction. It’s a good incentive for businesses to take part in your fundraising efforts!

Hold an online fundraiser

With the Oktion app, your guests can now take part in fundraising auctions no matter where they may be. People don’t need to attend your event in person to place bids, make donations and purchase items. The entire process, from bidding to payment processing, takes part in the Oktion app, making auctions easier for organisers, buyers and donors alike. You won’t miss out on potential buyers who can’t show up to an actual auction event!