How to Describe Auction Items

Describing your auction items sounds easy enough, but many auction organisers don’t provide enough information about their items. This can lead them to raising less funds or to receive numerous questions from quests. To make sure that this doesn’t happen at your next auction event, here is how to describe auction items in the Oktion app.

How to describe auction items

Help your auction item stand out from the get-go by giving it an appropriate title. For example, ‘All-inclusive 5-day Bahamas trip’ sounds more enticing than ‘Bahamas holiday’. Make your items stand out but keep them relevant at the same time. Tell your guests enough about the item to encourage them to click on it and start bidding.

Be descriptive about your auction items

If your auction item is an electronic, such as a brand-new TV, try to find the specs on the packaging or the manufacturer’s website. List the specs in your description. If you can, describe how someone would experience the item, its functions and how it works. Make a point of only listing the positives about the item.

After you’ve written the description, take a couple of minutes to read over what you wrote. Make sure that there are no spelling errors and that everything makes sense. If there any points you’ve forgotten to include, you can edit the description at any time.

The goal of your charity fundraiser or silent auction is to generate funds for your cause by selling your auction items. Describing your items effectively is one important step in encouraging your guests to get bidding. So, take the time to describe the item and let your guests know why they want to win it.

Good luck and happy bidding!

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