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Help your core initiative with live, online silent auctions. The Oktion app will help you sell your auction items and raise funds for your charity.
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Raise more funds for your cause with less work. Download Oktion to experience the world of easy, fast and exciting fundraising.
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Get help every step of the way. Sign up to Oktion and receive optional technical support when you run an auction event.
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Excite your guests for days! Get event marketing to generate hype and spread word of your silent auction over the lead up to the event.
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No more paper tickets! Oktion allows anyone to host a fundraising raffle online. Sign up now.
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Looking for an Auction App You Will Love?

Our user-friendly fundraising app interface makes it easy for anyone to use Oktion. All you need to do is sign up and go. Oktion is a great place to educate your guests about your charitable organisation and how the auction donations raised will benefit your cause.


Create your event auction

Create your auction at any time or date. Start your auction in advance and allow your guests to start bidding or see what will be available on the day. Oktion will send notifications updating everyone when you change something, add an item, or even when you achieve the highest bid. Your guests will even be able to donate directly to your charity or organisation.


Invite your attendees

You can invite people by phone number or email address, either through the app or directly on the website. Users without Oktion accounts will be asked to sign up, but anyone who already has an account will automatically be added to your event. They'll start seeing notifications straight away and be able to support your event.


Start auction biddding

You have the option to open your items for bidding in advance, prior to the event, or allow your users to only bid during the event. You can also set an ending time for your auction. Your guests will be able to bid and Oktion will do everything automatically for them. Once the auction ends, we'll automatically take payment and transfer the funds to your nominated account.

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Want to Start a Free Auction Event?

You have come to the right place. The Oktion charity fundraising app will let you focus on your virtual fundraising events, no matter how big or small they may be. Our fundraising app is designed for getting your event started from the moment you think about having fundraising event

Oktion works for every type of auction. Sign up and brand it as your own. Create your own preferences and set it live as soon as you are ready. No setup costs and no membership fees — just a small administration fee applies when you sell your auction items, run an online raffle or raise funds for your charity of choice. Oktion makes it easy as. Download the Oktion app on Google Play or App Store and sign up today! Oktion it – you will love it!

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to use Oktion. All you need to do is sign up and go. Oktion is great place to educate your guests about your organisation and how the funds raised will benefit your cause. Use Oktion to run online raffles, manage event ticketing, inspire your guests and make them want to be part of your event!

‘I’ve been to hundreds of events like this, with hundreds of silent auctions, and this is by far the best platform that I have used.’

- Feedback from a user at the 3rd Annual Navzad Memorial Fundraising Gala


What Are You Waiting For?

The time and work needed to create an auction, collect donations, manage ticket sales and organise auction items can be overwhelming. Oktion gets your live silent auction going within minutes. We automate everything, so you can focus on what matters most. Keep track of your items and generate automatic notifications to send to winning bidders.

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