Amjad Khanche’s Guide to Promote Your Auction Event

You’ve put a few hours into setting up your Oktion event. You organised a venue, booked a date and found a good number of donors. With everything in place, you now have one major task left to do: promote your auction event. To help you get the word out about your event, Amjad Khanche has put together a list of different ways you can get your Oktion event off to a great start.

Amjad Khanche’s Guide to Promote Your Auction Event

Create an event page

Create a page on your website that is solely there to promote your auction event. This is where your guests will go to purchase tickets and learn about your event. And you can help bring more traffic to it by using one of the strategies below. While it’s important that this page drives a lot of sales, it’s also important that you use it to tell the story behind your event. Include videos and images to make the page as engaging as possible.

Use social media

When you promote your auction event, it’s important that you use social media because this is the most effective way to get your event in front of potential guests. Here is a quick summary of how you would use each social media platform to promote your auction event:

Facebook: Create an event page so you can invite guests, provide event details and make it easy to purchase tickets. Encourage users to share the event page with their friends.

Twitter: Create an event hashtag that your guests will use when talking about your event. If you’re lucky enough to get it trending, you’ll see a huge spike in ticket sales.

Instagram: Use the same event hashtag to make it easy for guests to search for related content. Create engaging posts and stories using images and videos from past events. This drives engagement and creates social proof.

Try social media advertising

Use Facebook and Instagram advertising tools to promote your event. You can target users based on their location, interests, or even create a lookalike audience. We recommend creating a lookalike audience based on your past event attendees, so that way you are targeting relevant users. Make sure you include an engaging graphic and message in your advertising copy to drive the conversion rate!

Start email marketing

Send out an email about your event to clients, past attendees and business partners. You can even customise this to target different segments based on personas. Discuss your goals, the theme and any special guests or performances. Get your potential guests excited to see what will happen at your Oktion event.

Need any additional help with your fundraising event marketing? Get in touch with Amjad Khanche and the Oktion team to make your fundraiser a success!