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How to Plan and Market Your Online Auction

How to Plan and Market Your Online Auction

The success of any online auction depends largely on the planning and marketing that goes into it. Planning ahead can help make an online auction run smoothly, attract more bidders, get stronger prices for your items, and make more money in total than you would have if you hadn’t planned it at all.

Write A Great Title

The most important part is writing a good title. For some reason, many people have a hard time coming up with a decent title. You can use a computer program that generates random titles if you don’t have any inspiration yourself, but those are so common now that nobody’s going to click on them. A good title should be short and sweet, catch the reader’s attention, and hint at what sort of things might be found in your auction. Here are some examples:

“Estate Sale: So much junk, you won’t know what to bid!”

“Lots of household goods and odds and ends. A little bit of everything in the house sale.”

“Tons of baby stuff up for auction! Kid’s clothes, toys, baby furniture, and more!”

Determine Your Bidders

The next step in planning your online auction is to determine who your bidders are. This might be not easy if the items being sold in the auction aren’t that popular or if there isn’t a particular audience for them, but it’s worth putting some time into thinking about. For example, if you’re selling collectibles, you’ll have a different target market than someone trying to sell garage sale items or children’s toys.

If you’re selling collectibles and antiques online, your target market is likely to be wealthy people who can afford to spend a little money on things they like. So you’ll want to go after them with keywords that appeal to their interests and concerns.
For example, if you’re selling a vintage Barbie doll, your titles and descriptions should appeal to the sensibilities of the type of person who would buy such an item.

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