Tips for creating the best raffle planning

 We’ve come up with a simple guideline to follow for making the best raffle. It offers practical steps to position you and your goals in line for success.

How To Organize A Raffle in 7 Easy Steps

Check Local Laws and Regulation.

You must do a little due diligence and look at a neighborhood or nearby legal guidelines concerning raffles. Different states have different regulations, raffles can be considered lotteries that call for unique licensing, lets, and taxation codes. Please double take a look at your states regulations to make sure your raffle, draw, or lottery is allowed to operate.

Set Goals. 

You should decide if the raffle is for charity or profit. Set dates and targets for your event. Set monetary goals and ticket sale goals to achieve the amount the need.

Raffle Prizes. 

Know your target audience and pick prizes that they will want. Most people will purchase tickets for raffles with electronic gadgets or holidays they may be attracted to. In the case of charities, you can find sponsors which may be approached to donate “massive ticket” items which means you have a low cost item to add which is very attractive to potential ticket purchasers. Some of the top items to consider are:

  • Cars! Who doesn’t need brand new wheels? Winning a vehicle can resolve a hassle or satisfy a want or dream. 
  • Holidays. Everyone is looking for a cheap way to get discounted holidays and raffle tickets can be a great attraction to everyone.
  • Electronics. Electronics can be a cheap and easy prize to make available. They are inexpensive but also provide a tremendous incentive to buy raffle tickets. There are many coveted TVs, Tablets, Game consoles, Cellphones, and laptops. 

Promote Your Raffle. 

There are many ways in today’s world to promote your raffle. For larger budgets, you’ve got the choice of TV, Radio, and print marketing. Still, in today’s virtual world, it’s easy to get sales on your raffle if you leverage social media’s strength. 

A cautiously curated promo can unfold quickly via word of mouth online. Offer early bird tickets, and ticket bundles where people buy more tickets at cheaper rates. 

Sell Tickets. 

Get creative. You can promote tickets door to door, in malls, online, by email, via snail mail, or word of mouth. Constantly think back to woud goals  and keep the targets in mind. 

Final Note

If you follow these tips to get your raffle set up with Oktion and promote it, you’ll be a success with what you do.