Tips To Follow Effective Raffle Promotion

Are you searching out contest-promoting thoughts? If you sell your giveaway contest to the right audience, you may appeal to more excellent entries and construct a centered listing of leads in your business. 

There are masses of approaches to selling your raffle contest, and we’ll share a number of the best (and in most cases, free) contest advertising thoughts with you in this article. Let’s test out those 5 super-powerful contests promoting beliefs, from making plans and growing the competition to getting as many entries as you may earlier than time runs out!

1. Require Sharing on Social Media

When constructing your giveaway with RafflePress, you could require humans to proportion the competition to earn extra entries.

For all of us that enter to win, you may multiply your leads if they’re sharing the competition with their friends. This is the best promo concept to head viral and raise logo awareness. When you pick how human beings can input your contest, maintain in your thoughts your primary purpose. 

For example, if your goal is to get leads to join your electronic mail address, you must inspire them to subscribe by giving that motion a more significant fee in RafflePress. If your purpose is to acquire user-generated content (UGC), you must ask customers to add a selfie or different media.

2. Optimize Your Raffle Landing Page

Once you’ve designed your giveaway contest, it’s a clever concept to create a competition touchdown web page for your promo concept.

Creating a competition touchdown web page is straightforward with RafflePress. When developing a giveaway with RafflePress, you pick a custom URL in your touchdown web page (including, and RafflePress will generate the touchdown web page for you. You can personalize the historical past color and photo of the touchdown web page if you wish. 

Your contest touchdown web page or weblog publish  to include: 

  • an outline of the competition, the way to input the competition to win a prize (e.g., tag a friend)
  • what the grand prize is (for example, a present card or your product or service)
  • When the giveaway will end 
  • how the winners can be selected (e.gvia way of means of judges for image contests)

3. Redirect Visitors to Your Contest Landing Page

Everyone who visits your internet site is a possible lead. You will want to allow them to recognize your giveaway to enter. That’s in which those promotional giveaway thoughts are available in handy. You ought to do that via means of including hyperlinks on your giveaway contest in the course of your site. 

However, hyperlinks aren’t very noticeable, plus you may get rid of them after the competition is over. Adding and disposing of hyperlinks for the opportunity of some entries isn’t a terrific use of your time.

This way, you can easily grab the attention of all your visitors and entice them to enter your contest.

4. Send Emails to Your Subscribers

Your email listing has all of your most prominent fans. So in case you need to recognize a way to sell a competition, it’s those unswerving subscribers who’re the folks that are maximum in all likelihood to join your contest and share it with their friends. So, it would help if you ship an email to them to sell your candy giveaway.

We recommend sending at least 2 promotional giveaway emails:

  1. Send the first email right when your contest opens
  2. Send another email a day before the contest closes, to give subscribers one more chance to win

5. Free Promotion Ideas: Add Links to Your Social Media Bios

Before you commence posting your giveaway on all of your social media accounts, take a minute to replace your bio. Most humans don’t consider this clever contest advertising and marketing idea. However, it could get high-quality outcomes given that your bio is prominent.

If you have space, try to include some enticing information about your giveaway prizes.

Final Words

The organizer needs to promote their raffle. It would help if you kept your social appearance consistent. Your raffle promotion will get an actual outcome with proper planning and marketing.