Why we chose DigiGround as our Sydney app developer

DigiGround is a Sydney mobile application developer that offers design and development for iOS, Android, web and Windows products. Oktion was looking for a 100% Australian-based app development company to turn our idea for Oktion into a fully functioning mobile application. We had spoken to many different developers in Sydney, but ultimately, we went with DigiGround for their award-winning app development services.

DigiGround is the best Sydney app developer we would find

DigiGround has a Sydney app development team that takes the time to work with you to understand and refine your app idea. From concept creation to development and delivery, the Sydney app development team worked with us to ensure that the Oktion app would achieve its goals in the most simple and engaging way possible. The product they created was had full compatibility across different operating systems, screens and resolutions. Utilising their extensive experience in developing an app in Sydney, DigiGround was able to ensure that the Oktion app looked and operated consistently across all devices.

After our initial launch, we decided to add an additional platform to the mix: a web app. For this app development service, DigiGround set to work building an app that met the demands of the platform. Thus, the Oktion web app was born.

DigiGround is the best app developer in Sydney, which is reflected in the way that they quickly and expertly built the code for the new Oktion app. They did all the wireframing and development of the Oktion app in house in their Sydney office. We came in with our ideas and needs and DigiGround took that and transformed that into a functioning product. Working with DigiGround for mobile application development services was a great experience from top to bottom. We look forward to working with their Sydney mobile app developers again!