Writing an Auction Item Description

You’ve gathered your items and started adding them to your Oktion group. Now you’re on to the hard part: writing an auction item description. It’s important that you take time writing them, because a good description can help you drive more bids.

Describe your auction items

Oktion gives you many characters for your item description, so make the most of it! Keep your auction item description clear and concise. Try not to include unnecessary points. And don’t use excessive caps locks or symbols as it can appear unprofessional and messy. For that same reason, check that there are no spelling errors. These may seem like simple, needless things to keep in mind, but it can influence your guest’s decision to bid.

Keep the description accurate and full of information. Highlight the item’s top selling points and its key features. Let your bidders know why they would want this item. Get them excited about it! Use your words to generate hype and get more people bidding.

If your auction item is old or preowned, make sure you’re honest about any problems it has. The more honest you are about your items, the more confident your guests will feel about bidding. If you’re using Oktion to hold a garage sale, you might want to let your guests know why you’re selling the item and how it’s been used before. Also, your items can sell for a higher price if they’ve got the original tags and packaging. Make sure to mention them! Finish off your item description by inviting your guests to contact you if they have any questions about your items.

Writing an effective item description can increase the chances of a good sale. It’s important to give your guests as much information as possible to erase any uncertainties. A great, descriptive sentence might even entice them to bid on an item that they otherwise wouldn’t have considered.

If you’re still unsure what to write, send us a quick email or give us a call. We’ll help you describe your items in a way that will get your guests excited for your Oktion event!